What To Look For In A Real Estate CRM Software

By on February 22, 2017

The term real estate CRM refers to customer relationship management, and real estate CRM software helps you manage the various leads, contacts and clients that are crucial to your business. The real estate contact management needs of the modern agency are much greater than just a database of contact information, and there are at least six core features that you should target.

Cloud-based with Remote Access

Cloud is an IT buzzword that means remote server. Buzz or not, a platform that uses a remote server is crucial so that your data is stored in a safe and redundant manner and so that you have access to it from anywhere. Most modern real estate CRM solutions even have frontends that work on smartphones.

Wide Device Support

You can choose a real estate contact management platform that’s bound to a particular operating system. Better yet, you can choose software as a service so that you aren’t bound at all. What you don’t want to do is choose real estate CRM software that only supports specific devices. Many developers are moving to HTML5 frontends so that they can easily support Android, Apple and so forth.

Automated Data Relationships

One way that modern real estate CRM is much more than just a digital rolodex is in the concept of automated data relationships. Modern systems have the ability to recognize relationships, such as one client selling a property that meets the criteria of another and all without human involvement. This automation can help an agent see connections they may have otherwise missed.

Push Notifications

When real estate CRM software has the ability to push notifications, it means that it can send you information it scores as relevant. An appointment reminder is a scheduled notification, but a message that the system has found a lead is a pushed notification. It makes automated data relationships and similar functionality more valuable since you can get that information immediately.

Automated Marketing and Sales Tasks

Your software should make your business easier, and since marketing and sales is so tightly coupled with your network, there shouldn’t be a need for other software. Creating, scheduling and delivering emails and other sales and marketing collateral should all be contained in this one system.

Real-Time Tracking

Finally, the real estate contact management solution you choose should provide real-time tracking of pertinent data as well as remote access to that data. Examples of how tracking is important include knowing the open rate of an email you’ve sent out to leads or having a list of new leads generated by your website as well as data about how they’re using the Web contact form. The IXACT Contact website provides a collection of online resources and information that may interest you.

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