The Importance Of Security Guard Incident Reporting Software

By on July 12, 2016

The use of incident reporting software makes it much easier and convenient for security guards to report anything suspicious that they may see. It also makes it more likely that reports from others to security guards will be reported in an accurate and timely manner. What are some other reasons to have a good incident reporting software program?

The Software Can Be Part of an Incident Management System

Any reports that are filed are easier to track and recall when necessary when they are put on a computer or some other sort of digital platform. In the event that further investigation is warranted or details of a particular case need to be referenced for any reason, it can be accessed directly from the system. Overall, it will be easier and more efficient when compared to a paper system where files could be lost or misplaced.

Organization Is Good For Security Guard Management

Having incident reports on file can help with the management of individual security guards and the management of security teams. If there are issues with the reports or a lack of reports from a particular person or group, that can be addressed with the appropriate people. Reports may also be reviewed and used to help with training or development purposes. Properly completed reports can be used as examples that others should follow when completing their own to ensure that basic quality standards are being met.

Software Can Standardize the Reporting Process

A software program can be setup to ensure that the same information is being collected for all reports. When relevant information is collected, it can be helpful in deterring future events from taking place. Should incidents involve stolen goods, knowing what was stolen or who may have stolen it may increase the odds that the goods are returned before they can be sold on the black market.

Time is of the essence as it relates to cars, car parts or other high end goods that could be stripped and flipped in a matter of minutes. When people are allowed to take their own reports, they may have a different idea as to what the most relevant information may be, which could create an inaccurate or incomplete recounting of an event.

The use of software can make anything easier, faster and more organized. When it comes to reporting incidents involving your security guards, you want to make sure that you have all the facts. It will help the guards do their job while making the people who they protect feel better about staying safe wherever they go.

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