Paper Shredding: Protecting Private Information

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By on June 9, 2016

Document shredding can go a long way toward making sure your private information stays private. When you get a credit card offer, a paper copy of a bill that you paid online or anything else with identifying information on it, it is a chance for identity thieves to steal that data. With proper document destruction, you prevent anything from happening to you.

Shredders Are Available for $50 or Less In Stores or Through Online Retailers

A basic shredder is available in most stores for a modest amount of money. All you need to do is plug the shredder in and start putting papers through it. Most basic shredders handle paper and other paper products such as envelopes or larger folders. Therefore, it may be possible to shred a mailer without having to open it and increase the amount of time you spend shredding documents.

You May Want or Need to Shred More Than Once

While shredding a document will make it almost impossible to decipher, it may still be possible for others to put them back together. To prevent anyone with enough time and desire to reconstruct your documents, putting them through the shredder again is something you may want to consider. Depending on the shredder, there may be different settings that make finer shreds if you are concerned about security.

Paper Shredding Services Can Handle Document Destruction for You

If you don’t want to shred on your own or don’t know if you can do so securely, you can turn to a document shredding service. There are best practices that professional companies will adhere to to ensure that your information is not leaked or stolen during the shredding process. The shreds will be securely removed and disposed of to ensure that they cannot be reconstructed. Professional companies may be beneficial as well to those who have large volumes of documents that need to be destroyed.

How Often Should You Shred?

Ideally, you will shred a document as soon as you know it is ready to be thrown out or recycled. However, you can shred at your own pace as long as your sensitive documents are keep in a safe place until they can be destroyed. Remember, the longer you wait to destroy a document, the better the chances are of accidentally throwing it out or losing it.

Any document that has your personal information on it could be used against you one day if it falls into the wrong hands. Therefore, it is in your best interest to shred regularly. Whether you do it yourself or opt for Shred-it to do it for you, it can be a powerful and easy security measure to take.

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