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6 Tips For Choosing The Right Water Treatment Company For Your Home

By on January 13, 2018

Water treatment services involve a specialized technology. Hiring the right company to perform the water purification job and install water treatment systems in your home can be an overwhelming process. Many homeowners do not have adequate knowledge in the field of water purification. They rely on water treatment representatives for guidance and other services. However, the article below provides 6 essential tips that will guide you to choose a reliable water treatment company to purify water in your home.


5 Tips on documenting your Fibromyalgia Disability Case

By on November 29, 2017

Many applicants of the social security disability benefits applying based on fibromyalgia (FM) are denied. Part of the reason for denial was due to lack of a disability listing by the social security for the condition. However, as from 2012, the SSA listed a ruling providing guidance to disability claim examiners and administrative law judges as to how they assess the condition. Even with the criteria outlined, you still need a disability lawyer to prove to Social Security that your condition is a medically determinable impairment that incapacitates your ability to work. Here are five major tips that will improve your chances of qualifying for disability benefits.

1. Get proper diagnosis from a registered rheumatologist

Physicians have always used fibromyalgia as a cover-up diagnosis in cases where their patients suffer from chronic pain without any probable cause. Therefore, it important to visit a registered rheumatologist for them to discern the symptoms using medically acceptable diagnostic techniques such as laboratory and trigger-point tests. Social Security has trained claim examiners to check for diagnostic tests from registered rheumatologists to keep off fraudsters.

2. Keep a journal for your symptoms

Recording your physical and mental symptoms on a regular basis and the frequency of occurrence helps the doctor to discern your course of therapy. Be sure to record levels and locations of pain as well as other symptoms and disabilities you could be suffering from and trigger fibromyalgia. Your journal can help persuade social security of the nature and legitimacy of your symptoms thus guarantee your benefits claims.

3. Request your physician to complete a Residual Functional Capacity Form

An RFC form details what you are capable of doing in spite of your impairments. Social Security uses your RFC to determine if your symptoms limit you from performing normal duties at work. Your rheumatologist should provide an assessment as to your limitations on lifting heavy objects, sitting, standing, maintaining punctuality and proper work attendance.

4. Provide SSA with all relevant medical records

Having submitted your initial disability application, Social Security will require supporting documents of all your medical records for the past year. If your claim is denied on first application, you will be required to provide more supporting evidence regarding your treatment and disability insurance. The records should be provided on a monthly basis provided your appeal is not approved.

5. Contact an experienced disability attorney

A disability attorney works with you and your doctor to present a strong case to Social Security for claim of disability benefits. Due to the complex procedures required by SSA, only an experienced disability lawyer will assist you in filing all the documentation required. Most lawyers will charge you a fee in the event you win the case and the attorney fee collectable from the back pay from Social Security. For more information, Disability Lawyer Toronto may be a good place to gather additional resources.


Four Unique Services Your Locksmith Can Provide

By on October 26, 2017

If you are like most people, you think about calling a locksmith to your home to assist with opening door locks after you lost a key or for key cutting services when you need extra copies made. Perhaps you have locked your keys in the car, or the lock to your business property is jammed. These common situations usually require professional assistance to overcome. However, many locksmiths have considerable experience, and they can assist with numerous other unique situations that you may be facing. These are some of the more specialized services that you may expect your locksmith to provide to you upon request.
Automatic door

1. Assistance With Your Automatic Door Opener
You may have an automatic door opener on your commercial business property, a keypack lock for secure access or another type of automated feature. These door locks are technologically advanced, so you may think that you would need to call a technology expert for assistance. However, many skilled and experienced lock and key experts can also assist you with these specialty locks so that you can keep your property as secure as possible.

2. Help With a Stuck Deadbolt Lock
Deadbolt locks are commonly used on residential and commercial properties to provide you with an extra layer of security. However, the bolts may sometimes get stuck or jammed. You may seemingly have no solution available to get in the door when this happens. However, the good news is that your lock and key expert may be able to address this issue quickly so that you can proceed with your plans for the day.
Keyless entry
3. Access Through Keyless Entry Locks
Keyless entry locks are increasingly common because they provide you with a convenient way to secure your property without the need to carry around a set of keys. When your keyless entry systems fail or malfunction, you may think that your access options are limited. However, this is another example of a specialty lock that your locksmith could assist you with.
Key entries
4. Analysis of Your Home’s Door Locks Security
The locks on your home’s doors are imperative for security, but some locks are much more difficult for criminals to bypass than others. Locksmiths can inspect your locks during a consultation. They can also provide you with suggestions regarding how to upgrade your home’s current level of security.

While you may call a locksmith for standard or routine services, you can see that many professional, such as Lock-up Services, to offer a full range of services that may be used for many other purposes and situations. Because the services can vary from professional to professional, it may be wise to shop around until you find a professional who can assist with your unique situation.

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What To Look For In A Real Estate CRM Software

By on February 22, 2017

The term real estate CRM refers to customer relationship management, and real estate CRM software helps you manage the various leads, contacts and clients that are crucial to your business. The real estate contact management needs of the modern agency are much greater than just a database of contact information, and there are at least six core features that you should target.

Cloud-based with Remote Access

Cloud is an IT buzzword that means remote server. Buzz or not, a platform that uses a remote server is crucial so that your data is stored in a safe and redundant manner and so that you have access to it from anywhere. Most modern real estate CRM solutions even have frontends that work on smartphones.

Wide Device Support

You can choose a real estate contact management platform that’s bound to a particular operating system. Better yet, you can choose software as a service so that you aren’t bound at all. What you don’t want to do is choose real estate CRM software that only supports specific devices. Many developers are moving to HTML5 frontends so that they can easily support Android, Apple and so forth.

Automated Data Relationships

One way that modern real estate CRM is much more than just a digital rolodex is in the concept of automated data relationships. Modern systems have the ability to recognize relationships, such as one client selling a property that meets the criteria of another and all without human involvement. This automation can help an agent see connections they may have otherwise missed.

Push Notifications

When real estate CRM software has the ability to push notifications, it means that it can send you information it scores as relevant. An appointment reminder is a scheduled notification, but a message that the system has found a lead is a pushed notification. It makes automated data relationships and similar functionality more valuable since you can get that information immediately.

Automated Marketing and Sales Tasks

Your software should make your business easier, and since marketing and sales is so tightly coupled with your network, there shouldn’t be a need for other software. Creating, scheduling and delivering emails and other sales and marketing collateral should all be contained in this one system.

Real-Time Tracking

Finally, the real estate contact management solution you choose should provide real-time tracking of pertinent data as well as remote access to that data. Examples of how tracking is important include knowing the open rate of an email you’ve sent out to leads or having a list of new leads generated by your website as well as data about how they’re using the Web contact form. The IXACT Contact website provides a collection of online resources and information that may interest you.

How to Market Your Services in Real Estate

By on February 7, 2017

A lot of people want to make it big. Real Estate is one area you can. You have to know the tricks of the trade, however. REALTOR Marketing can be a competitive business. If you want to become the guru of your area, you need to learn from the wisdom of Warren Buffett. Buffett’s fundamental investing rule is to avoid what others love, and love what others avoid. Buffett has taken this trick with him throughout his career as a billionaire. Real Estate is one area where you can become super rich if you use the right marketing ideas. Here are some tricks you can try to put you above the competition:

1. Take Unpopular Locations – This might seem like a dud. Why not headquarter in Toronto or Quebec? The reason is you have thousands of competitors. It is hard to differentiate yourself from the crowd of other realtors. If you are the only realtor in Podunk, Alberta, you will have a monopoly. Real estate agent marketing requires finding the opportunities that your peers are missing. The ideal posting has lots of people buying homes, with few realtors to assist them. Think of places that are remote. The Yukon is better than Ontario. Why? The Yukon has fewer real estate agents. A lot of people may protest this. If you look at their credit card bills, however, what they are trying in Toronto is not working for them. They may be selling high. But they are spending high as well. Do not copy the failures around you.

2. Transform Unpopular into Popular – This is where a finer touch is necessary. You are not going to profit if you buy low and sell low. The person who profits takes something low and transforms it into something high. For the Yukon example, you should be selling Yukon as excluded, independent, free, secure, refreshing, resort, and magical. If you sell it as nasty, tiresome, remote, dangerous, or weird, your clients will not buy. The genius of people who really succeed is being able to take ugly and make it beautiful. Make sure that you are actually delivering quality to your clients. Contact the people who actually would like a remote ranch in the distant Yukon. Stressed executives are better bets than greedy millennials. Use LinkedIn and direct mail marketing to sell your newly popular location.

3. Use the Best Real Estate Tools – There are some really powerful tools out there for finding unpopular things that are longing to be transformed into popular sales. Try CRM for real estate programs. This will help make sure that your clients are happy.

Is Your Corporate Travel Draining Your Company Financially? What to Change

By on September 28, 2016

If you have noticed that employees are spending way too much money when they make their travel arrangements for business trips, and it’s causing a financial strain on your company, it’s time to hire a corporate travel management company for help.

You don’t have to leave the travel arrangements up to your staff who don’t care what they spend on a trip because it isn’t their money, or to other staff that may not take the time to find the best prices. You can also find an incentive travel program to enroll in, where you are rewarded for using them and making travel arrangements. Here are a few things you need to do to start saving money.

Hire a Management Company

Find a travel management company that guarantees the lowest rates on airfare and hotel rooms, and that can do all the work for you. They should also offer you free stays and travel for all of the arrangements that are booked throughout the year, or have other rewards. Your staff must contact the agency to notify of them of trips when they have to make arrangements, and the management company you choose should send a copy of the itinerary to management for each trip.

Start to Audit Everyone

Every employee that travels and uses a company credit card, or that gets credited back for their expenses, needs to be audited. Make sure that the receipts they have make sense, and that all purchases and charges are business related. Also make sure each expense report makes sense. When you use a corporate travel program, you’ll know you are getting the lowest rate on airfare, auto rentals and hotel stays, you don’t have to take your employees word for it. This means less auditing is required.

Battle for the Perks

Have your staff battle for the rewards that come for our travel program. If you can reward people with a free set of airline tickets, a free hotel stay, or even an entire getaway package, it will be employee motivation for them to cut their spending. Establish the rules for the contests, how they can get entered to win the perks, and then watch as everyone starts to cut back their spending when they are traveling at the expense of the corporation. You can use the free things you get from the management company, or splurge and purchase a vacation with the money you are saving.
These are just a few of the things you can do so your corporate travel expenses aren’t a huge concern, and so they don’t hurt profits. Start looking for a company and let them start managing your travel right away.

How To Print Quality ID badges

By on July 15, 2016

A quality badge can brand companies or events, boost morale, and help companies drive sales. Don’t settle for bland, black and white ID badges until you review these tips for printing quality badges.

Badge Printers
You can either outsource or get your own badge printer, which will range in quality according to your budget. A basic ID badge printer will save money, but will be limited both in options and productivity. Pricier, top-end badge printers will be high-volume machines with quality printing and additional features like lamination, security, and 2-sided printing. If your needs are more modest, try something in the mid-range that has only the specific features you need.

Print Quality
The typical badge maker used in Canada is either DTC (direct-to-card) or reverse transfer technologies.

This is a form of direct printing which allows for fairly good image and text quality at 300 dpi. They are more popular and generally more affordable, but not true edge-to-edge printers and may need adjustment.

Reverse Transfer
This is a higher quality two-step method that allows information to be created mirror-fashion and then transferred to the badge. It allows for higher volume and much better image and color quality, so the price range is higher.

Depending on the length of time the badge is expected to last, you may or may not need lamination. It does help the card last longer and can allow more advanced features like holographic images that are harder to counterfeit. However, if the badges you’re creating are for temporary use, such as event name tags, it’s probably not worth the time and expense of lamination.

Magnetic Stripes
More Canadian organizations need security features, so you should go with PVC stock and a magnetic stripe encoder. Most newer, better printers have this as an option. If you’re planning to create a secure ID badge at some point, it might be better to start with one that’s magnetic-stripe capable as cheaper printers without this feature are rarely upgradable.

What extras will be needed?
Most ID printers use a special ribbon rather than a cartridge, so you’ll want to have a spare. The typical card stock is PVC, but you can buy blended stocks that are partly polyester so that they won’t warp when exposed to heat or sun. A printer cleaning kit would be helpful. While most printers accept designs from standard file types like PDF or Word, you can also get badge-design software with extra features.

If you really want to make your ID card stand out, you might want to consider other features like foil stamping, die-cutting to specific shapes, special heavy card stocks, and lanyards or clips for attaching badges to clothing.

How Hiring A Professional Cleaner Can Reduce Allergies

By on July 15, 2016

There are several significant benefits from using the services of an office cleaning team. The professional workers have been trained to thoroughly clean behind desks and equipment, which can reduce the number of allergens that are in an office. An important procedure for controlling allergic reactions is the process for removing mold and mildew. The improvement in the air quality will enhance the breathing experience for the office staff members.

Specialization of Labor

The cleaning team will use special techniques for cleaning the carpets, floors, doors, mirrors, walls and windows. There can be a buildup of allergens on doorknobs and on light fixtures. A fundamental advantage of the specialization of labor is the opportunity for workers to efficiently complete specific tasks. A cleaning team can thoroughly clean an office in less time and more efficiently than the members of an office staff. The procedures can be used to reduce the number of health hazards that are in an office.

Professional Techniques

Most of the health hazards that cause allergic reactions will originate in the common areas of an office such as in the break rooms, the restrooms and in the area for the copier. An office staff member could spray some perfume, hairspray or a breath freshener that could cause an allergic reaction for some of the other staff members. Food allergies could be triggered by the residue from a chili dog that is on a table. The professional cleaning team will not simply dust the furniture but will also use cleaning solutions and equipment to remove allergens from the surfaces.

Allergic Reactions

An allergic reaction can be triggered by the alcohol in hairsprays, menthol in breath fresheners, ink cartridges for a copier and by the fragrance in a hand lotion. There could be mold and mildew on a windowsill, on a sink in a break room and on a refrigerator. Dirt and allergens can accumulate on door frames and on the wheeled carts that are used to move boxes of paper from a stockroom. The cleaning team will thoroughly clean the office furniture such as the table tops and the table legs.

Safer Office Environments

The office environment will be safer for the workers because there will fewer health hazards that could cause allergic reactions. The trash containers will be cleaned to remove dirt and germs. The cleaning team will clean the drawer handles on the desks and will clean the touchscreen on the copier. There will not be a buildup of dirt on the surfaces, which will help to prevent allergens from clinging to the surfaces. The office cleaning techniques can be used to reduce the number of allergic reactions that are experienced by office staff members.

The Importance Of Security Guard Incident Reporting Software

By on July 12, 2016

The use of incident reporting software makes it much easier and convenient for security guards to report anything suspicious that they may see. It also makes it more likely that reports from others to security guards will be reported in an accurate and timely manner. What are some other reasons to have a good incident reporting software program?

The Software Can Be Part of an Incident Management System

Any reports that are filed are easier to track and recall when necessary when they are put on a computer or some other sort of digital platform. In the event that further investigation is warranted or details of a particular case need to be referenced for any reason, it can be accessed directly from the system. Overall, it will be easier and more efficient when compared to a paper system where files could be lost or misplaced.

Organization Is Good For Security Guard Management

Having incident reports on file can help with the management of individual security guards and the management of security teams. If there are issues with the reports or a lack of reports from a particular person or group, that can be addressed with the appropriate people. Reports may also be reviewed and used to help with training or development purposes. Properly completed reports can be used as examples that others should follow when completing their own to ensure that basic quality standards are being met.

Software Can Standardize the Reporting Process

A software program can be setup to ensure that the same information is being collected for all reports. When relevant information is collected, it can be helpful in deterring future events from taking place. Should incidents involve stolen goods, knowing what was stolen or who may have stolen it may increase the odds that the goods are returned before they can be sold on the black market.

Time is of the essence as it relates to cars, car parts or other high end goods that could be stripped and flipped in a matter of minutes. When people are allowed to take their own reports, they may have a different idea as to what the most relevant information may be, which could create an inaccurate or incomplete recounting of an event.

The use of software can make anything easier, faster and more organized. When it comes to reporting incidents involving your security guards, you want to make sure that you have all the facts. It will help the guards do their job while making the people who they protect feel better about staying safe wherever they go.

The Importance Of Green Cleaning

By on July 11, 2016

There’s a bewildering array of cleaning products on the store shelves, and of course they all claim to work wonders. But when making a choice perhaps the first question we should ask ourselves is: What’s in them? Do you really want to spend your day working around a residue of harsh chemicals? This is why more people are turning to green products for their office cleaning. Here are some good reasons why the switch to green cleaning products is important.

Healthy Workplace
Sprays that pump a blend of chemicals across walls or desks also send it into the air. Chemical cleaner particles could be absorbed by the skin and inhaled. Over long periods this exposure could create health issues such as asthma. Using green products greatly reduces the chances of adverse effects caused by harsh chemicals.

Cleaner Environment
These artificial concoctions wind up all over us, in the air we breathe, in the trash, and down the drain. These toxins added to our surroundings can have harmful effects for everyone, including children, pets, wild animals, and even trees and plants. As they build up in the atmosphere they help to create smog, and can drift in the upper atmosphere to contaminate areas as remote as Cape Sheridan. Commercial cleaning services that use effective eco-friendly products are the growing trend.

Indiscriminate spraying of chemicals is a bad solution for everyone, but the people actually using the products day after day are the most at risk of developing health problems or chemical burns to the eyes or skin. Prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals could lead to irreversible health issues. Many are also made as aerosols and thus flammable. Green cleaners are not corrosive and meet standards to reduce adverse health effects.

Air Quality
Unscented cleaning products leave odors that make for an unpleasant environment. Even those that are scented use artificial chemical additives as fragrance. Green products use natural ingredients and are typically scented with natural essential oils that smell so much better using green cleaners can even become a kind of “aromatherapy” that people look forward to.

More Transparency
When you read the label on some products you find a long list of chemical names that you likely never heard of, so you have no idea what they do, what they’re for, or what risks they entail. Do you really want to go spreading this chemical cocktail around the office? Green products are made from natural ingredients you understand.

Concerns for general health and the Canadian environment are becoming more widespread as consumers become aware of the negative effects that synthetic chemicals can have. The benefits of using green products make them the right choice.

How To Identify Delinquent Accounts

By on July 8, 2016

For a business to survive, it needs to collect all the money that is owed to it. While there may be a few customers here and there who don’t pay their bills or struggle to keep up, it is still important to keep customers accountable. However, before you go the commercial litigation route, you will need to know how to identify accounts that are delinquent.

Organization Is Critical

You can’t determine if an account is delinquent unless you have a system of tracking your accounts. This may be done by entering all client information into a computer when they make a purchase or keeping a paper trail of all customer sales and when they have paid. If a client hasn’t made a payment within 30 days of a due date, you can start to take collection action.

How To Get Your Money

The first step is to gently remind your client that he or she is late on a payment. In some cases, a client may have simply forgotten or is waiting to get paid by a client of his or her own. Assuming that the money will be in your account in a day or two, there is no need to take action that would anger an otherwise good source of revenue. Remember, those who owe you money have a right to ask that the debt be verified before they send any money.

What If Your Clients Still Don’t Pay?

If you have identified a past due account, verified that you have contacted the right person and you still don’t have payment, it may be time for legal action. Contacting a debt collection lawyer at  Chitiz Pathak LLP may be your best chance for getting the money that you are owed. This person will work on your behalf to get the past due balance in a timely manner.

Either you will get a check from your client or have the right to liquidate any collateral that may have been used to secure the purchase. Regardless of what happens, you can rest assured that you will collect as much as possible. In some cases, you may get your balance upfront while in others it may be necessary to reorganize the debt.

When an account is delinquent, it means that your business is losing money that it deserves to have in its bank account. That money can be used to pay employees, acquire sponsorship rights or do other things that will help your company remain in business. Therefore, it is critical that you take whatever steps are necessary to get money from customers no matter how long it has been since services have been rendered.

Commercial Shipping: Save The Shipment Hassles With Customs Brokers

By on June 18, 2016

Over $400 billion CAD worth of goods were imported into Canada in 2015. Importation of products is rarely a simple process, especially for a company with little experiencing in importing goods. However, the assistance of an experienced customs broker can help the importation process proceed much more smoothly so that you receive your products faster and with less hassle.

Key Factors to Consider in the Importation Process

People who are unaccustomed to receiving shipments from companies outside Canada are often unaware of the requirements for importing products. They may place orders for seemingly benign goods such as office supplies, medical equipment or clothing without realizing that there are usually additional charges and processes to follow for one or more of the following:

• Duties
• Canadian taxes
• Governmental clearance fees

The calculation of duties and taxes is not a simple process. Duty rates fluctuate according to the type of goods purchased and the country where the goods were manufactured. For instance, duties are not charged on products made in the United States and Mexico. Taxes are typically charged on all orders with a minimum value of $20 CAD and the total amount will depend upon the rates set by the federal and provincial government.

Options for Handling Canadian Customs

The responsibility to pay duties and taxes lies with the purchaser. Buyers sometimes have the option of paying the company that ships the equipment to handle the importation process. In this case, the supplier typically utilizes a freight forwarder and charges the buyer a fee for handling these fees. This option can be costly to the buyer because some suppliers choose to add hefty fees for this service.

A more viable option for handling customs clearance in Canada is to enlist the help of an experienced customs broker. A trusted broker will handle the payment of duties and taxes and serve as your PARS checker. Additionally, an experienced customs broker will know the fastest means of taking care of these charges and will be able to expedite the delivery of your goods.

Advantages of Using an Experienced Professional

Customs brokers are an excellent solution to your importation woes. They have the experience and connections to ensure that your products clear customs as quickly and efficiently as possible. By handling the payment of duties, taxes and documentation for you, brokers help you avoid hassles related to the customs clearance process. They also allow you to focus on the development of your business by saving you valuable time and money.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques

By on June 18, 2016

The great advantages of working with metal is that it’s malleable and ductile – which means you can bend or stretch it in any number of ways. Modern machinery lets us bend sheet metal to precise angles or cut it to exact specifications.

Metal Bending
A brake is a machine used to bend metal by aligning and clamping it over a hard steel edge and lifting an entire section of the sheet. Metal brakes can be hand-operated or large computer-controlled machines that allow presetting dimensions and angles.

Cutting Metal
Sheet metal “shears” can be anything from common tin snips to power tools. Most fabrication shops have industrial shears that can trim off a large cross section of a metal sheet by clamping and slicing it off with a hardened steel blade. Throatless shears – sometimes called “Beverly” shears – allow operators to cut arcs and shapes as well as straight lines. A hinged blade is lowered to cut metal lying on a rotating, stationary blade.

Plasma cutters use a high-energy discharge not dissimilar to a welder’s cutting torch. Plasma cutters can be either portable hand-guided tools, or large stationary models that allow the cutting tip to follow pre-formed templates or computer-programmed patterns.

In the past screws and rivets were also used, but most fabrication shops rely on oxy acetylene, MIG, or TIG welding, depending on the type or thickness of the metal, but in many shops is simply “spot welded” between two high-amp nodes under pressure to create a permanent fusion point. Other machines use a repeated electrical pulse through revolving wheels to create a seam-weld joining two edges.

Metal Shingles
Today’s shingles can be made of copper. stainless or galvanized steel, aluminum, or tin, and coated with stone or asphalt textures to resemble concrete or traditional tiles. Sometimes the steel is simply pressed into decorative shapes for an artistic look. They are being manufactured in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures to suit virtually any taste. Different styles are combined to create customized roofing solutions all across Canada.

The benefit of metal singles is that they don’t wear out, become brittle, or rot away like other types of roofing. Durable metal is fire-resistant, not affected by sun, snow, insects, or algae, and typically last a lifetime.

Metal Restoration
A skilled sheet metal fabricator can also provide ornamental restoration to metal décor that’s been rusted or damaged over the years. This could be the traditional weathervanes that topped many Canadian structures, as well as fountains, sconces, brackets, and other custom metal work that isn’t so easy to replace.

Of course, expert sheet metal fabrication can also add unique artistic metal work to new construction, as well.

shredded waste paper

Paper Shredding: Protecting Private Information

By on June 9, 2016

Document shredding can go a long way toward making sure your private information stays private. When you get a credit card offer, a paper copy of a bill that you paid online or anything else with identifying information on it, it is a chance for identity thieves to steal that data. With proper document destruction, you prevent anything from happening to you.

Shredders Are Available for $50 or Less In Stores or Through Online Retailers

A basic shredder is available in most stores for a modest amount of money. All you need to do is plug the shredder in and start putting papers through it. Most basic shredders handle paper and other paper products such as envelopes or larger folders. Therefore, it may be possible to shred a mailer without having to open it and increase the amount of time you spend shredding documents.

You May Want or Need to Shred More Than Once

While shredding a document will make it almost impossible to decipher, it may still be possible for others to put them back together. To prevent anyone with enough time and desire to reconstruct your documents, putting them through the shredder again is something you may want to consider. Depending on the shredder, there may be different settings that make finer shreds if you are concerned about security.

Paper Shredding Services Can Handle Document Destruction for You

If you don’t want to shred on your own or don’t know if you can do so securely, you can turn to a document shredding service. There are best practices that professional companies will adhere to to ensure that your information is not leaked or stolen during the shredding process. The shreds will be securely removed and disposed of to ensure that they cannot be reconstructed. Professional companies may be beneficial as well to those who have large volumes of documents that need to be destroyed.

How Often Should You Shred?

Ideally, you will shred a document as soon as you know it is ready to be thrown out or recycled. However, you can shred at your own pace as long as your sensitive documents are keep in a safe place until they can be destroyed. Remember, the longer you wait to destroy a document, the better the chances are of accidentally throwing it out or losing it.

Any document that has your personal information on it could be used against you one day if it falls into the wrong hands. Therefore, it is in your best interest to shred regularly. Whether you do it yourself or opt for Shred-it to do it for you, it can be a powerful and easy security measure to take.